We would all play better if we were told as youngsters that there is a difference between the two.  As it is, we think of music as the pieces we are assigned, and we think that is all there is to music: learn the pieces, play the notes, enough.
No, not enough.  Never enough.
I work with color in my spare time, i.e., while riding public transportation.  I find it endlessly fascinating.  It speaks to me, not in any organized way, but nonetheless.
Sometimes I make mistakes, even, particularly when working in light that is not sunlight.  It is easy to mistake colors as it is easy to mishear tones.
On one of my cd's I end a piece in the wrong key.  It is a contemporary piece, so nobody notices.  The sound of the piece led me to this wrong key.  The composer in question, Bartok, loved to play with that sort of sound/wit.

Note: The composition in question is available on my Haydn/Bartok CD. 


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