Yesterday I played for a small group of attentive people, among whom was a blind professional pianist.  Quite excited when it was over - note, I don't tell people in advance what they are hearing, only afterward - she kept wanting to know what the piece was that begins with a D major arpeggio.  
The only pieces I could have played with such figures were the Clementi Preludes with which I had started each half.  No, they were'nt it.  Then another listener suggested the Brahms Intermezzo, Op. 119, No. 1.  I would never have identified the opening as a D major arpeggio.  
First of all, it descends, F# to D, followed by B, then G.  How is that a D major triad?  
It was like a lesson in what is lacking in the way many blind people learn music:  too little of it is based on auditory respect.  
This event will haunt me.


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