BiPolar Schubert


 A splendid performance last night by tenor Mark Padmore and fortepianist Kristian Bezeidenhout showed the degree to which the Schoene Muellerin by Schubert is truly manic-depressive.  Fiercely alternating vocal ranges, speeds, moods - the whole thing is untenable and death a welcome relief - the only possible relief, given the rules of the day.

I came away with a distinct realization that I had not liked the whole thing.  Today I realize that they had not wanted me to like the whole thing.  That is what got the message across.  Bravo.

Several days later, still thinking about it, in a way reliving the performance, I realize I would have liked a bit more out-of-control release to reinforce the madness in contrast to the utterly  peaceful numbers.  

After several more days, Tommassini in a NYTimes review mentioned that the very absence of out-of-control made the madness even more tragic.  Obviously we disagree.  Nothing wrong with that.


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