Chasing Vibrations


I am fascinated by time - aren't we all?  Sometimes it seems to rush past, sometimes to drag interminably (it's for the latter occasions that I take up needlework).  But no matter how "it" seems to move, it is really we ourselves who are doing the moving, isn't it?
Music is a great way to keep track of it, on many levels:  First, is the level of music's own time, the tempo.  It moves quickly or slowly, hopefully taking us along with it.
But that quick or slow are illusory, in fact.  Beethoven pondered this in many compositions in which he increases the speed only to plunge without preparation into the slowest imaginable tempo, as if to prepare the mind for awareness of the fact that vibration is always fast, faster than we can consciously grasp, even in adagio tempo.  
That is why I describe my life as a musician as chasing vibrations.


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