Ask a musician which pieces are hardest to play and they will name the best known: Beethoven's Fifth, Fuer Elise, Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik, the "easy" C major Piano Sonata.   Such familiar works have become almost unplayable because everyone, including the player, is so sure of what comes next.
The mystery of music, as of speech, as of life, is uncertainty.
Take the opening of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony:  I was utterly amazed when I found out how difficult it is to conduct its opening, the iconic four-note opening after a rest on a strong beat!  How does one make the orchestra agree on when to come in after years of beginning symphonies on a strong downbeat?
Or the opening two tones of Fuer Elise: Do they rise. do they fall, or do they stay in one place?   
The question mark is, in both cases, where the music comes alive.


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