Listening is Key


Listening is the key to all inter-personal comprehension - I hear the generalization as I say this and I hear its limitations:  the deaf, for example, do not hear.  So we could substitute for listening "paying attention."  
Someone - anyone -  really paying attention to you is, in effect, offering you an outlet for self-expression.  The opposite is also true: Someone - anyone - not paying attention to you is basically telling you to keep quiet.  
Isn't this the trouble we face as a democracy?  Individual voices that are not attended to, feeling forced to take to the streets as a mob in order for someone to hear what they have to say.
This morning I was describing to a neighbor the work I do with a blind, autistic, and severely developmentally-challenged young man.  The only thing I can really accomplish with him is to convey the power of listening and of being listened to.  Everything follows from there.


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