It is no exaggeration that I have been an innovator ever since I became aware of a job that needed doing, namely, to be vigilant that the media did not take over our existences.  The medium of whose danger I was most aware was the recording.
It was surely going to dull our responses to live sound, thought I, while still in my teens.
I was right.
From the time I was responsible for public programming I made a point of juxtaposing works that would never be found on a single LP (now CD), mixing styles, genres, instrumental sounds, old music, new music, everything imaginable for my chamber group's performances.  Because of this programming we got people to listen to music they would otherwise never have given the time of day: new music, for example, as well as old.
Now I am about to use a new medium hopefully to further my goals: I am about to launch a YouTube channel devoted to putting the improvisatory up for all to see and hear: live performances done for a small audience, no editing, no inhibition.  Live ears affecting every note of every piece.
As they say, stay tuned.


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