There are few pleasures as satisfying as being in such a room, especially if it is small enough and comfortable enough that there is no fear of audible responses from the listeners.  That was the case last night at an elegant supper club in the East Village where one splendid musician/wit performing for an audience that included new as well as old friends audibly knocked their socks off.  Giggles, under-the-breath Bravos! -- good signs of an attentive crowd loving every minute of it.
Interesting, especially because this performer prefers doing her thing abroad.  What is so hard about playing in New York?  Is it that New Yorkers have so little sense of humor about themselves?  
Reading the paper this morning I am amazed at how much news is interspersed with dollar values, whether or not the subject of the article is concerned with money.  In one case it was about a young man who shot BB gun pellets from the window of an apartment building.  Of course the selling value of the apartment figured in among the other, more relevant details of the story.
Maybe we just don't want to admit how silly we are.


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