I make no claim to understanding the Greek philosophers, any Greek philosophers -- though I did once manage to defend Thales observation that "all is water" despite the professors's determination that anyone who would choose to defend such a ridiculous statement would get a zero on that one....  Anyway, I find myself reading Eric Havelock, a very readable scholar of the ancients.  In Preface to Plato he reviews the reasons why Plato comes out so strongly against poetry, viewing Greece's history of oral culture  as a thing of the past, needing to be superceded by a culture of independent reasoning.  
By the time Plato wrote The Republic people would no longer have known what he was talking about, as their mode of perception and insight had already changed.
So here we are at a comparable time:  All the words I use in regard to listening, to tone, to music, all these words mean something completely different in the culture in which I live and work than they do to me, as I have built my life around them.
Like the Greek oral culture, am I obsolete?


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