As a resident of NYC I enjoy opportunities (sometimes) to chat with strangers on local public transportation.  Yesterday a fellow about my age offered me the seat inside of his aisle seat.  A few stops down the road I recognized an old friend, a painter, seated across the bus facing me and the two of us struck up a conversation about our mutual work; the gentleman got interested and asked me what I do.
I described myself as a classical pianist who still plays because as a child I never practiced my lessons.  I played constantly, fooling around, falling in love with the sounds.  I found myself speculating that the love of sound is probably more common among jazz musicians than classical, alas, and how this is driving people away from some of the great music of all time.  
Then this morning I get an inquiry from someone whose kids want to study piano.  How do I broach the subject with someone I do not know and who may believe that practicing is all there is to success?


11/02/2016 8:36am

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