Actually, it should be the other way around: First taste, then standards.
What is taste?    It boils down to a choice between "I like it!" and "I don't like it!"  When music is involved it gets tricky because any music that's worth the name combines sounds that you will like and sounds that you will not like.  

I just listened to half a program made entirely of pleasant sounds.  I was bored out of my mind, though I recognize the good motives behind the compositions and the performances.   There are far too many uglinesses associated with contemporary music and these young musicians were committed to correcting that fallacy.

But you would not tolerate a novel in which nothing happened, would you?
I once got to within ten pages of the end of a novel when I realized that, indeed, nothing was going to happen.  I complained to the author, who was, of course, surprised to be challenged over that issue, when he has obviously worked so hard to make an entire novel in which nothing happened.

That is the only standard you need: The balance between what you like and what you don't like.  Single sounds accumulate as do words and sentences.


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