I am compelled to comment on another live performance I heard recently which gave me no reason whatsoever to listen, and every reason to wish I were somewhere else.  Though composed by a very "in" name-brand composer, and played by a reputable group at the end of a program that included some extraordinary music-making, this was a piece which, unlike the other compositions I commented on recently as not being listenable, was cynical in that it droned on and on with unvaried repetitions of cliches that surround us in the world of pop and commercial music.
I went to the event not just to hear the music but to socialize with friends.  As often happens, some of the performances were far beyond my expectations.  But this one put me in such a foul mood that I could imagine smiling or saying a single pleasant word to anyone.
Perhaps I take it personally.  Yes, I confess, I do.  That is how much my ear means to me. It is and has always been who I am.


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