Don't believe a word they tell you: It is really difficult to live in a push-button world. Many things do indeed come easily because of that mentality: I just pushed a button and a machine will wash my clothes, a job that involved a half-day's work for my mother, including use of a hand-turned clothes wringer.  (When's the last time you saw one of those?)
But we are not push-button creatures.  One of the first things to get lost is the immediacy of hearing.  Rather than face having to make the transition between entirely external machine-accomplished actions, we block the ability to take in information, particularly via the ear.  
Or, if we do hear, it is likely to be through a screen of the already heard, a recording of the music we are about to play, for instance.
Listening requires openness to whatever it is.  More often than not we are defended against that very quality.


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