True Colors


Last night I was privileged to hear the 19th annual concert of the Music School of the Lighthouse for the Blind, presented at the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The place was packed, and the event showcased how professional the whole enterprise is, in every way, and how thoroughly musical.
The "main event" was the school chorus, featured in several a cappella works as well as a Stephen Sondheim number accompanied by instrumental trio.  The last number on the program, called True Colors was extraordinary.  Toward the end the voices rose to what felt and sounded like the climax: a rousing, forte chord.  But it was not the end; it became more quiet, and the voices ended the entire concert in a piano unison line.  
How thoughtful to have the inner lives of the blind thus expressed, even in a big-time, show-biz environment.  
I was impressed. 


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