I have been writing blog posts on a daily basis for a few years now and am struck by how few times I repeat myself.  And even so, when the subject line is recognizable, there are always nuances that change in the insights, the descriptions.
Being on the lookout for the new in the moment, whatever the moment, is quite the opposite attitude from what I expected a music teacher's life to be.  The best teachers I ever had mystified me at the time I was studying with them -- in my late teens and early twenty's.  
Fenner Douglass, himself a young organ teacher at the time, listened with an open mind, never dictated, always reacted as if equal to equal.  I didn't appreciate it sufficiently at the time.  Perhaps I expected him to be more authoritarian.
Hans Neumann, a much older European piano teacher, made quite clear that he was himself interested in what I brought to my lessons --  in fact, I realized at one point that he assigned me problematic works out of curiosity as to what I would make of them.  But I was enough older by that time, a veteran of battles with other teachers .


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