In The Inter-personal World of the Infant psychologist Daniel Stern describes how infants instinctively bond with their parents largely over facial mimicking.  Long before having read this study I used this instinct to bond with my first child, engaging every muscle of my face while looking her in the eye, every day, several times a day, very concentratedly, while forming a vowel with my mouth and singing a pitch.  I was curious to know what would happen.
She is a singer.  
When I was a toddler a neighbor invited me over to play her piano.  Finding it to be a super toy I completely immersed myself in it.  Imagine my surprise to discover many years later that someone else had found similar power in that sound.  The composer: Mozart.  The question of what that was all about has haunted me all my life and informs everything I do as a scholar, performer, and teacher.  Tonal Refraction.


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