I have long been fascinated with the things composers wrote when they were very young.  Often dismissed as immature or illogical, they may contain signs of originality that all too often get ironed out by acceptability factors as the composer matures and must make a living.  It is the non sequiturs that fascinate me.
Yesterday I listened to a recording made several years ago by my young student who is a master improviser.  I recall my astonishment when he first played the piece at one of my studio "parties," wondering where he got the idea to write like that.
Yesterday I listened with greater objectivity: the piece is in 5/4, in itself truly astonishing.  It holds together beautifully as an entity with a beginning, middle, and ending.  It is completely convincing.  
The nicest thing is that he still remembers it, plays it sometimes.  We had a discussion about writing it down.  I have never wanted to get involved in that process, as it is independent of the auditory sense of the music.  He is a computer animator now and knows that that makes perfect sense.


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