Aging in America


The title refers to an article in the recent AARP bulletin about how hard it is to age in America.  As a serious musician, I have my own thoughts on the subject.
There is a lot of pressure in America to stay young.  That includes spending the way young people spend: on new gadgets; on the latest thing; on staying hip, cool, whatever.
There seems to be little place for lifelong pursuits of any kind.  In my case the pursuit has been literally lifelong, a curiosity about vibrations sparked by experiences in earliest childhood.  The pursuit could have nothing to do with success, as its terms did not even exist within the establishment that recognizes achievement.  No one was talking about vibrations when I was in school.  Nowadays the vibrations that are talked about in respectable circles are limited to those measurable by scientific devices.
No one talks about the subjective factors involved in the perception of vibration.
That means, after the pursuit of a lifetime, confident that I have achieved what I set out to do, I wake up to the reality that my concerns seem to be irrelevant to life in 2015 America.
Who would have thought? 


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