It is fascinating to observe the lengths to which some music theorists go to avoid discussing the physicality of music.  That physical coordination is required to play an instrument goes without saying, but that listening to music is itself a physical activity needs some elaborating.
I don't think it is a matter of aesthetics.  I think that reliance on recorded sound has removed the act of listening already one giant step away from physicality - perhaps a better word is immediacy.  There is nothing at stake when listening to a recording.  Whatever might have been at stake in the performance that was recorded has, you may be sure, been erased and corrected by the recording producers.
But in live performance the physicality manifests itself many ways.  There is always the danger implied in not knowing what and when the next sound will be.  A real musician strives to keep that mystery first and foremost in mind when playing any music at any level for every listener.


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