I just finished a lesson with an adult student who, as a child, had been trained in the British system.  She is as determined as it's possible to be to get to "the music part."  It has taken us a long time working together but today there was no doubt that she knows what it is.
Again it was thanks to Beethoven, this time the opening of the F minor Sonata, Op. 2, No. 1, the first to which he gave an opus number.  
It was "simple:"  
Question: What do you hear when you hear the opening middle C?
Answer:  The overtones of C.
Q: What do you expect to hear next?
And thereby hangs all the method one needs:  to listen and know 1) that you are hearing sounds as yet unplayed, and 2) what they are, so that 3) when you hear actual sounds they are no longer just notes but have, by your prior participation, become extra-ordinary.
'Taint easy when conventional training stresses quick results....



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