Stage Fright


It us truly amazing that no one in my highly disparate bunch of piano students ever experiences the slightest stage fright.  Of course, you could argue, they were never on stage.  Technically, that's true, as there is no stage in my home, where they do most, but not all, of their performing.
But is the presence of an actual stage essential?  On-stage all too often implies comparison with others, if only to one's teacher's expectations.  On-stage really depends more on who is listening than on anything else.  If it assumed that one is going to be "torn to pieces," then there is plenty to be nervous about.
If, on the contrary, it is assumed that each student is listening with open-minded acceptance of the others it becomes a very special kind of stage, more like the stage onto which Rubinstein walked when in his 80's, or Horszowski in his 90's.  The playing is that real.  No fear in sight.


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