Music accomplishes nothing short of that.  " 'Taint easy, McGee!" (as Molly was wont to exclaim on the old radio sit-com Fibber McGee and Molly.)  I always knew that if ever I figured out how to play the piano I would have figured out how to live.   Having accomplished that I know it was no exaggeration.
It's too bad that physical coordination is assumed in traditional piano pedagogy, and even in some more holistic disciplines, like Dalcroze Eurhythmics.  As a child I had terrible physical coordination: not only could I not throw a ball as other children did, but I retain memories of clumsy movements in gym class, where we swung Indian clubs - I simply couldn't do it.  
What I could do was move my fingers in response to what I heard.  My ear was the switch that empowered my piano playing.  It still is.
When required, or expected, to respond as others did, or to imitate the teacher, I simply fell apart, dropped out.  But on the sly, when no one was looking ...  well, I haven't stopped.


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