Now, that's a dumb question if ever there was one.  But it is not foolish to wonder what it is we love when we are playing: is it actual sounds or imagined sounds?  Is it the physical pleasure of moving around the keyboard in an organized frame of body and mind?  Is it the intimacy we feel with the composer who found those fascinating sounds and figured out how to share them with us?
One sign of mastery is when we can tell the difference between actual and imagined sounds.  Sometimes that difference pronounces itself in the words: "I don't like that!" If you stop to think about it, very few players actually imagine dissonances.
As for the pleasure of moving around, is the organization a function of repetition or of immediate response to sounds as they are heard?  I don't trust repeated movement because much of my adolescent memorizing was accomplished in combination with muscle memory which I now associate with inattentiveness.
I do treasure the sense of intimacy with the composer.


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