If you play ping pong the way I do you are so relieved to hit the ball that it never occurs to you to put a playful spin on it.  Gnip gnop gnip gnop -  the regularity of it was my major achievement.
That explains why there was no future in it: not only did no one want to play with me, but even I was bored.
Isn't chamber music a bit like that?  I'm talking about real chamber music, the kind enjoyed among friends.  If the point is "to report for duty on time in the next bar," as a former student put it, I don't want to do it, even if  (especially  if) you are my friend. The point of any good chamber music composition has to be that it takes however many human beings to play it: ping-pong doubles, triples...you get the idea.  Imagine the possibilities.



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