This post is being written on the day before I depart for Stockholm to play my first solo piano recital in a very long time.  I am positively thrilled to be doing this, as it comes at a time when the subject of my entire life's involvement with music has come to fullest fruition.  Now I can truly say what it is that has motivated everything in my musical life; I have even said it in print, in my books on Tonal Refraction, the second of which is being printed as I write this; and I can play the piano in such a way that, even without a clue what you are hearing, you get it.
Time to take the show on the road.


Jean Russak
03/16/2015 9:46am

Bon voyage, Nancy, your message is true and inspirational. It is my great pleasure to be your friend and colleague!

Nancy Garniez
03/16/2015 12:32pm

What a lovely message, Jean. It was a wonderful experience to play for this very special audience, all friends of a former Mannes chamber music violinist-violist. I have learned so much during these few days here.
I hope to see you soon.

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