For many people recordings have come to mean music.  They do not understand when I try to get across how the quality of repeated listening deadens every element of the musical experience.  Not many recordings capture a freshness of execution as, by the time they get on the radio or into your iPad, they have been literally "listened to to death."  
Involved in that processing by over-listening is a kind of judgmental attitude, seeking perfection at all costs, not allowing for deviation.  
This poisons not only the music on the recording but also the act of listening for the non-initiate.  It is a pernicious vicious circle.  Knowing that this has affected the way our culture "participates" in music many performers now think nothing of over-processing their own playing, rehearsing the bloody thing to death.  They end up bored, of course (as do we) and can only play faster and faster to hold their own attention.  
I am not the only one to notice these things.


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