I am delighted that someone noticed how different my YouTube Rameau clip is from what one usually hears.  Perhaps the most damning feature of our current culture is that everything/everyone sounds like everyone/everything else.  This is true no matter what the genre.  I can't stand to listen to most of whatever it is.  Just because someone has a recognizable name does not excuse her playing all the notes in a Mozart sonata as if they were composed for a machine.  Just because some just-like-all-the-rest pop number is being delivered by a pop icon does not make me feel like listening to it.  

Is that what listening has come down to?
I do everything in my power to get people to hear things that they would never otherwise give the time of day.  For some people that's Bartok, for others, it's obscure Brahms, or W.F. Bach.  This time it's Rameau.   


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